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COVID-19 Update



Thank you all for your support and encouraging messages throughout our period of closure.

We are thrilled to have now opened the Garden Coffee House & Bistro, The Spa & Bodywise as well as our B&B, and we look forward to re-opening the steam room and sauna as soon as the regulations are lifted!

We have made a few changes to keep everyone safe while maximising your opportunity for enjoying some ‘new normality’.

All of our staff have undergone extensive training on Covid-19, our risk assessment, and our extensive risk mitigating procedures. Please support them by upholding the government regulations and the measures that we have put in place to protect each and every one of us. 

Garden Coffee House Guests

What you can expect when you visit:

Lots of hand sanitisers to use as you arrive and regularly during your visit

A contactless system wherever possible

All of our staff are wearing face coverings and/or visors for your safety

We will be seen frequently cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting

Our indoor and outdoor tables are all spaced at least 2m apart 

You will be asked to remain at your table unless visiting our bathroom facilities 

Ventilation and fresh air will be maximised for your safety 

Disposable items are used wherever needed, but cleanable, reusable items are used when possible

You will be kindly asked to wear a face covering while moving around, but not while seated  

We will also be encouraging everyone who visits us to uphold social distancing: 

As per the government's 'Rule of 6', we are pleased to welcome all social groups of up to six people from any number of households indoors and outdoors. 

Social distancing of 2m is required where possible, or more than 1m with protection.

Spa and B&B Guests 

In addition to the above:

** Face coverings are mandatory whilst moving around the hotel and spa and while having a spa treatment**

Limited use of the changing rooms to pool users only, and we encourage swift use where possible!

We have implemented a booking system for use of the gym and pool 

We have staggered arrival times for all spa and Bodywise guests 

All gym equipment and spa treatment rooms are thoroughly disinfected after each use

We circulate fresh air throughout the facilities with our ventilation systems and also with open doors and windows 

We ask you to bring your own reading materials into the spa and to wear a mask during spa treatments

Spa therapists will wear a visor and a mask during treatments and at times may also wear gloves and an apron 

2m social distancing applies throughout the facilities

Hairdryers and vanity area accessories have been removed for your safety

These lists provide a summary of the various measures that we are implementing.

There is plenty more going on to ensure that your visit is safe! 

Bodywise Health and Wellness Members 

Changes to Bodywise

All staff will be wearing face coverings at all times

Members are required to wear masks while moving around the facilities

Members must sanitise hands on arrival and again at intervals during their visit

Staff will be cleaning and disinfecting the facilities throughout the day as part of an enhanced cleaning regime

2m social distancing will apply throughout the facilities

All processes will be made as contactless as possible 

Some machines, lockers, showers, and equipment will be out of use and undergoing deep cleaning during your visit to maintain safety procedures and social distancing  

All members must fully clean/disinfect machines/equipment before and after use

Music in the gym suite will be quieter to avoid shouting or loud talking

We have enhanced our ventilation systems throughout the gym, changing rooms and pool room

Drinking water will no longer be available in the facilities; please bring your own water or purchase a bottle from us

Classes will start running with regulations on Monday 21st September, Booking is essential

Hairdryers and vanity area accessories have been removed for your safety

We will be operating controlled capacity levels throughout Bodywise (as per government guidelines) and ask that all members uphold these at all times

All members will be required to arrive and leave on time, as per government regulations


We have also implemented a new online booking system for the gym and the pool:

All sessions must be pre-booked to maintain required capacity levels at all times

Bookings must be made online where possible, and by email when not

Booking slots are for one hour; the gym and pool are booked separately  

Cancellations can be made up to four hours before arrival time

Arrival times are staggered by at least 15 minutes to avoid overcrowding

Bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance

We very much look forward to seeing you at The Cleve soon!


We would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all of our wonderful guests and visitors for your loyalty

and support of our small family business during this time.

The Clarke Family

The Cleve Hotel & Spa 🦊 The Garden Coffee House 🌿

Bodywise Health & Wellness

(Updated 12 September 2020)


Frequently Asked Questions

Spa Days & Spa Breaks 

All spa reservations will have all been booked on our non-refundable, non transferrable rates,

Where applicable, we will be offering the chance of placing bookings onto a voucher (expiry 31st December 2021) 

or to change the booking to a later date.

Gift Vouchers.

All Gift Vouchers with expiry dates from the 20th March 2020

have automatically had their expiry dates extended until the 31st December 2021!

The monetary value of the voucher can be used anywhere within The Cleve & Bodywise.

It does not require being used for the original purchase.

In the meantime, we understand there will be many questions so please do email us or complete the below contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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