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Melt away your stresses and strains...

The power of touch combined with the healing properties of scented oils has been promoted for centuries as beneficial to wellbeing. Our massage-based body treatments target problem areas to ease tense and tired muscles and produce a newfound sense of wellness.

Thai Poultice Massage £90 Full Body | £60 Back Massage

85 | 55 minutes

Your chosen scent fills the air as a muslin ball filled with therapeutic poultice gently steams away... and so begins this sensual and healing massage experience. Your therapist applies a healing herbal poultice to your body in a rolling, kneading motion, gently warming the muscles ready to receive an oil massage. This massage treatment will restore you, body and mind.

The Thai Poultice Massage is particularly effective for those with poor circulation, tired and overworked muscles, stiff joints and osteoarthritis.

Choose from;

Infused with dried rose bud and rose essential oil, this rice body compress is bursting with beneficial properties. Essential Rose Oil is used to help improve circulation, soothe muscles and smooth skin, whilst its sweet scent promotes relaxation and promotes essential nourishment for the skin

Lavender Oil is the optimal addition to any massage treatment to destress and relieve tired, tense muscles. Due to its remarkably relaxing and sedative properties, lavender is the ideal scent and oil to help you unwind. This treatment will also help improve sleep and insomnia with immediate results.


With a gentle coconut fragrance, this compress will encourage relaxtion, whilst providing a host of benefits to your skin. A heavenly aroma will fill the room whilst also helping to soothe and comfort the skin, and provide it with essential antioxidents.  

Hot Candle Massage £70 Full Body | £45 Back Massage

55 | 25 minutes

Vegan friendly!
Good things come in small packages! And these warm, soothing and sensual massage candles are certainly no exception. Applied directly to the skin, the melted candles are infused with the most indulgent fragrances from the heady scent of Cocoa Flower to the freshness of Rose and the sweetness of Honey. The warm wax relaxes the muscles and the combination of soybean and coconut oil plus beeswax penetrates the skin, leaving it indulgently nourished. Plus, you get the added benefit of taking the candle home with you!

Choose from;

Garden Rose  Let your senses take you away to a beautiful rose garden with this blended body oil. 

The rose scent promotes feelings of wellbeing, invoking positive thoughts and reducing anxiety. 

Cocao Flower The buttery cocoa scent promotes feelings of calm and wellbeing. 

Sweet Honey The sweet honey scent soothes and calms. 

Fabulous Fig The refreshing and woody fig scent is good enough to eat!

Hot Stones Massage £80 Full Body | £55 Back Massage

40 | 70 minutes

Using hot stones to massage the body, this treatment is designed to relieve aches and pains at a deeper level.A specialised massage to treat common discomforts such as lower back pain, tight shoulders and stiff neck.   

Relaxing Full Body Massage £65

55 minutes

A light, calming massage tailored to your individual needs.

This massage will treat all areas of the body prone to stress and tension, such as the shoulders, neck and back, along with the upper and lower legs, arms and hands.

The calming oil blend and tension-releasing massage will melt you into a state of total relaxation. A sense of complete wellbeing, inside and out. 

Warming Back Massage £40

25 minutes

A relaxing and warming massage that targets the areas most prone to stress. Encouraging deep relaxation, this massage also relieves stress, improves circulation and promotes a sense of wellbeing.

Relaxation Scalp Massage £40

25 minutes

A truly stress-relieving massage treatment to reduce tension throughout key areas of the shoulders, neck and scalp. Ideal for reducing stress and tension headaches, sinus congestion, sleep problems and many other complications.

Stress Away Shoulders Massage £15

15 minute add on

Sit back & allow us to melt away the aches & pains of your shoulders. Warm soothing oil and the perfect gentle touch. The perfect addition to a simply perfect facial. 

Unique to The Cleve Spa 


These indulgent and healing treatments have been designed by our expert team of therapists to bring you three specilaist face and body treatments to balance body and mind for the ultimate spa experience.

Benefit from their expertise. 

Coconut Body Ritual £95

85 minutes

Envelop yourself in the scent of coconut and drift into a state of pure relaxation...

Starting with an exfoliating and detoxifying coconut scrub for your back, your therapist will then give you a muscle relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage using coconut-infused oils, followed by an Elemis facial for a beautiful and natural glow. 

This indulgent treatment finishes with a relaxing scalp massage, leaving you sublimely relaxed.

Signature Bliss Treatment £65

55 minutes

We all like to have our cake and eat it!

Our Bliss Treatment has a little bit of everything, with a stimulating back brush to get the blood going, followed by a warming back massage and finishing with an Elemis Booster Facial.You will leave the treatment room feeling like a new person.

Our Anti Ageing Y-Zone Treatment £40

25 minutes

Our unique Anti-Ageing Y-Zone treatment is a massage based wellness treatment that works all layers of your skin to encourage collagen production, promote good circulation and prevent wrinkles.Using deep and uplifting massage techniques, our therapists can help skin to feel firmer and more toned, resulting in a glowing and healthy complexion.Not only is this treatment highly beneficial for your skin, it is also relaxing, detoxifying and pain free!


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